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Questo post si basa sulla relazione “Perspectives of Teaching and Learning with CLIL in the Age of Web 2.0” da me presentata al convegno del British Council – IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language) tenutosi a Milano dal 23 al 25 Marzo 2009.
Le idee principali che stanno alla base della presentazione sono in fondo semplici (anche se scritte in inglese):
1) Language learning is a matter of communication
2) Connecting knowledge and being “socially intelligent”
3) Being empathic is vital
4) ICT can increase students’ motivation
5) ICT does not eliminate psychological constraints
6) Need of new pedagogic model: Connectivism
7) CLIL materials are a logic outcome of connective skills
8) Web 2.0 lowers affective barriers to effective learning
9) Web 2.0 contributes to:
a) find authentic & relevant CLIL materials
b) improve motivation