In Praise of RSS Readers (full English post)

Sometimes it happens to me I want to write it: RSS are really useful, flexible, and powerful as well. RSS readers and news feeders are tools which overcome limitations and boundaries, imposed by censoring laws, time and space, etc.
According to the most common definitions in Wikipedia ad HTML.It, «RSS is a format for the distributed contents over the Web».  Another definition states that «RSS is a format for the distribution of contents through different channels (syndication) of lists of links, headlines and summaries». Technically speaking RSS is a direct application of XML language that makes news aggregation and updates possible in a continuous flux: all news and feeds are literally conveyed (fed) towards the user’s account or the favourite RSS reader. Everyone can create his/her own  newspaper and video channel.
What are the best RSS readers? A personal selection follows:
Google Reader is a real easy reader, with a simple interface and ways to manage RSS feeds. It is possible to order our feeds through tags and folders, names, and share them with our friends. One can use Google Reader also via  mobile phone.
is a Firefox addon based on Google Reader, but it does allow us to connect with different sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, Friendfeed, Delicious e Facebook.
is another very good online RSS reader. It is presently available in two versions: classic and beta. In the beta function there are new and useful functions and the possibility to access through OpenID, customizing your page, move feeds, and so on (including pictures from Flickr) by a simple  drag & drop. Bloglines is also available through a mobile phone at this link (questo indirizzo).



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