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Through engaging videos, practical resources and an active online community, Teachers TV supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field.

  • Instant access to up to date professional development videos and resources
  • Learn from other education professionals by going inside their classrooms and into their schools
  • Save time with practical tips, lesson ideas and classroom resources
  • Help across the year to meet classroom targets and achieve personal goals
  • Keep informed with content covering the latest developments in the education agenda

In addition to the website, Teachers TV programmes are available on the TV Channel on Sky 880, Virgin Media 240, Freesat 650 and Freeview 88 (4-6 pm) and, most recently, through iTunes U.

In Italiano

Oggi ho iniziato il post scrivendo direttamente in lingua inglese, che insegno normalmente nella scuola secondaria. Desidero segnalarVi una splendida risorsa per insegnanti, Teacher’s TV. Come dice lo stesso nome, Teacher’s TV è una comunità online e archivio sterminato di video, trasmissioni televisive di ottima qualità e selezionate per l’uso scolastico. Per questo motivo, il sito mette a disposizione decine di video già preselezionati e visionati  per un uso immediato in classe.