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JournalFire is a website created for public open access and private discussion of journal articles. The service is totally free and available right after creating an account. There isn’t any software to install, since we can connect to JournalFire from everywhere, whenever we desire. It is also possible to stay up-to-dated with personalized activity feeds originated by JournalFire itself. In addition to searching the database for articles, JournalFire lets us quickly import articles from the web while we browse publishers’ websites. Finally, JournalFire allows us create journal clubs meet to discuss and review journal articles.
The educational potential of JournalFire seems very important and notable: students can practice real scanning reading skills, isolating and re-elaborating notes, sharing these notes and discussing them with their peers. To some extent, JournalFire can add a “scientific” value, a “researching mode” to the learning path, because it forces students to find evidence and grounded reasons for their opionions and researches.

In Italiano:
Questa sera ho scoperto JournalFire, un servizio molto interessante che mette i giornali e le riviste al suo centro. In breve, attraverso JournalFire permette gratuitamente di condividere e discutere articoli di giornali e riviste scientifiche in modo collaborativo. E’ possibile annotare gli articoli su base individuale oppure attraverso i “club”, reti di colleghi di scuola o di lavoro. Il tutto senza installare nulla: tutto è utilizzabile dal browser web.
Il potenziale educativo di JournalFire mi sembra enorme:
gli studenti possono approfondire le proprie abilità di lettura, ricerca, rielaborazione e lavoro di gruppo. Inoltre, essi possono “fondare” le proprie opinioni e idee in modo per così dire “scientifico”.