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Considering a free alternative to Ning? Then, why not turning to SocialGO? I discovered it right now. SocialGO is a service that allows anyone to create a professional-grade social network for their group, business or interest. Each social network created on the platform is independent and can be completely customized from it’s look and feel through to its privacy options, features and permissions.
SocialGO free version offers a boasting 1 GB storage space and 10 GB bandwidth, while the subscription tops at $24,99 for 5 GB/month and additional features to the standards ones (blogging, text and video chat, forums, promoting events and calendar, Facebook & Twitter integration, photo and video sharing, etc.).

In Italiano:
Se considerate un’alternativa gratuita a Ning e a siti a pagamento simili per la creazione di siti web, reti sociali e blog, allora consiglio di valutare la possibilità offerta da SocialGO. La piattaforma di SocialGO propone due versioni: la prima – che consiglio – è quella gratuita, appunto, con uno spazio di archiviazione di 1 GB max e strumenti standard (blog, chat testuale e video, forum, eventi e calendario, integrazione con Facebook & Twitter, condivisione foto e video, ecc.). Lo spazio aumenta (fino a 5 GB) se pagherete $24,99 al mese, assieme ad altri strumenti o widget.