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How much “sociable” are you? How do we search news, ideas, things, and so on through the social networks? A British website tries to answer these questions. In this post I directly quote the page “About Us”, so have a look yourself/selves.
48ers was created to help you search for what’s happening right now. The “mission” of 48ers is to trawl conversations from all the major social networks across the web to bring back nuggets of information to help to:

  • Discover what people are saying about your company or brand
  • Find out what other people think of the TV shows you’re watching
  • Be the first to find out about breaking news stories
  • Tap into the public mood about the latest sporting events

The name has been given after the very first pioneers of the Californian Gold Rush, begun on January 24, 1848 at Sutter’s Mill, in Coloma, California. Those people were then known as the “48ers”.

In Italiano:
Quante volte vogliamo conoscere e/o reperire informazioni e notizie attraverso i social network e le reti e comunità cui apparteniamo? Se una grande massa di dati utili, interessanti e curiosità ormai “viaggiano” attraverso i social network, come possiamo ricercare elementi d’interesse. Il motore di ricerca “48ers” sembra volere rispondere ai quesiti e si pone l’obiettivo di ricercare, appunto, fra tutti le comunità online esistenti.
Il nome “48ers” deriva da un episodio storico, connesso con la Grande corsa all’oro americana che iniziò proprio il 24 Gennaio 1848 e i primi pionieri erano chiamati proprio “48ers”, come dire: i ‘Quarantottisti’…