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By chance today I discovered Wiffiti, an online service already used by institutions and companies to convey and publish real time messages, including pictures. Wiffiti comes from the union of the words ‘Web’ and ‘Graffiti’, is a free online tool where you must register and get an account. Wiffiti publishes real time messages to presentation screens. Users can interact with Wiffiti from their mobile phones or the web.
Unlike many new media applications designed for viewing content streams online, Wiffiti was designed for the “Lean Back” experience of viewing user-generated content from a distance (at a bar, a public location or a conference) as well as the “Lean Forward” experience online or via text messaging. New Wiffiti messages are instantly displayed center screen and are easily viewable from a distance. Older messages then fade back and move as an animated cloud, providing enough ambient activity to continually stimulate audience attention and encourage engagement. Wiffiti makes it easier for event organizers, digital signage operators, or location owners to create interactive displays. A location display can be up and running in minutes, all via the web.

In Italiano:
Casualmente oggi ho scoperto un altro strumento utile per la condivisione e organizzazione online di messaggi, di testi: Wiffiti. Come evidenzia bene, la parola Wiffiti deriva dall’unione di Web e Graffiti. Wiffiti è uno strumento gratuito (al solito, però, richiede la registrazione e la creazione dell’account gratuito). Wiffiti permette agli organizzatori di eventi, operatori di conoscenze digitali di creare schermi interattivi con una condivisione immediata. Wiffiti quindi pubblica i vostri messaggi in tempo reale su schermi e potete interagire con Wiffiti dal telefonino o dal web.