Spreaker, the Social Web Radio

This post is dedicated to Spreaker, a social web radio where all shows and radio stations are created by the audience. In a few words, Spreaker is the social media of reference for people interested in radio content. I have already written a review of Spreaker, but in Italian, quite happy it existed in another language too (and not only in English). Now it is time to speak about Spreaker in English.
Spreaker is for people who enjoy surfing the web and being online. Listeners are able to enjoy quality content, made by ordinary people. Spreaker user experience is similar to FM or Web radio, where users can listen to streaming audio while doing other tasks. However, at any time a listener can become a more active user by creating his own radio show.
Spreaker‘s home page is organized in the following sections:
– Live: all show that are being broadcast LIVE
– Popular shows: chart of the most listened shows
– Upcoming: shows going LIVE in the next 24 hours
– Latest episodes: latest recorded episodes (live episodes are automatically recorded once finished)
The Top menu allows you to access the create section (where you can create your own shows), invite your friends to join Spreaker or access the forum.


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