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Fanity wants to be our personal entertainment web mash up that makes it easy and fun to follow all our favorite artists. After signing up on Fanity we will be able to search or import our favorite artists of which we can become a Fan. Being a Fan on Fanity implies the user wants to get the artist’s latest news, media and updates. Fanity system claims to access to all the content from wherever the artists hangs out, e.g. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vevo and Ping. Also more obscure indie review blogs or large mainstream gossip sites talking about the artists are indexed by the system. The system is simple: Fanity extracts what is important and relevant to the artist, join together topics, extract photos & videos and present with a clear Fanity stream. In the stream we can easily zoom into certain current topics, read up on previous news and get quick access to e.g. the latest concert photos. Fanity pushes comments from our friends, artists and ourselves to the front, which makes the stream a sort of hub for interesting interaction.

In Italiano:
Diventare fan di una banda o di un cantante e scoprire tutte le notizie esistenti possibili in merito è relativamente possibile. E’ possibile reperire tutti gli elementi riguardanti a un musicista facendo una rassegna lunga (e faticosa) di decine di siti web, di blog, di post vari, ecc. Oggi è possibile accedere a un social network dedicato agli appassionati di musica, Fanity, appunto. Fanity “scova” le notizie facendo il lavoro al posto vostro e la cosa è assolutamente gradevole…