Diigo: Collect, Highlight, Remember / Cercare e Annotare con Diigo

Diigo provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research productivity.
Diigo enables effective collaborative research. We can easily share your findings, complete with our highlights and sticky notes, with friends and colleagues. A project team, a class, or a club can create a group on Diigo to pool relevant resources, findings and thoughts together. As we read on the web, instead of just bookmarking, we can highlight portions of web pages that are of particular interest to us. You can also attach sticky notes to specific parts of web pages. Unlike most other web “highlighters” that merely clip, Diigo highlights and sticky notes are persistent in the sense that whenever we return to the original web page, we will see the highlights and sticky notes superimposed on the original page, just what we would expect if you highlighted or wrote on a book.

NB: Diigo offers special accounts and features for educators. Here above I found a video explaining right the opportunities for education and its teaching potential.

In Italiano:
Il nome “Diigo” è l’abbreviazione di Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff” (Sintesi dell’informazione internet, di gruppi e altra roba).
Diigo è una piattaforma di ricerca collaborativa, gratuita, che permette di condividere i risultati ottenuti con i colleghi e studenti, assieme alla possibilità di evidenziare le note ottenute in parte o totalmente. Dal punto vista educativo, con Diigo è pure possibile creare gruppi di studio, progetti, serie di note sia a livello di classe o individualmente, per poi elaborarle sempre in gruppo o su base personale.

Indaba Music: Creating online and in community / Comunità online per creazioni musicali

Indaba is a Zulu word that invokes the spirit of collaboration and community. It refers to a gathering or a forum for sharing ideas, making new creations, editing, and so on. All in different places.
Indaba Music is an international community of musicians, music professionals, and fans exploring the creative possibilities of making music with people in different places. It makes finding other people, and working on recording, mixing, or mastering projects easier. For fans, Indaba provides unprecedented access to artists and to the creative process. With recording hardware and software now available on almost any budget, with Indaba Music seems easier than ever for artists of all levels and backgrounds to record and produce professional quality music. Artists are also harnessing the internet to get their music heard by more people than ever before. According to the site information, Indaba has been designed to be an environment for artists to harness these trends and create music in new ways.
In a few words, with Indaba Music users can:

  • Create a personal profile, blog, share music and photos
  • Find musicians from around the world, get hired, or create virtual bands
  • Work with our advanced web-based digital audio workstation (DAW)
  • Compete in featured programs with major artists

In Italiano:
Indaba è una parola Zulu che suggerisce lo spirito di collaborazione e musica. In particolare, Indaba si riferisce a un insieme o forum per discutere e condividere idee, creare nuovi pezzi musicali, modificare quelli esistenti, e tutto anche a distanza.
Indaba Music è una comunità internazionale di musicisti, professionisti e fan che esplorano le possibilità creative musicali esistenti. L’utente, da solo o insieme ad altri, potrà registrare, mettere insieme tracce musicali, modificare ed elaborare le clip musicali prodotte attraverso una vasta serie di strumenti gratuiti. Inoltre, Indaba permette agli utenti l’accesso senza limiti agli artisti e al processo creativo.