Nieman Journalism Lab from Harvard/ Giornalismo nell’era di Internet

I have been following the Nieman Journalism Lab for years and it it time to share something about it. The Nieman Journalism Lab is an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age. Here there are some lines taken directly from Nieman website.
The Internet has brought forth an unprecedented flowering of news and information. But it has also destabilized the old business models that have supported quality journalism for decades. Good journalists across the country are losing their jobs or adjusting to a radically new news environment online. Nieman Journalism Lab wants to highlight attempts at innovation and figure out what makes them succeed or fail, to find good ideas for others to steal. The aim is to help reporters and editors adjust to their online labors; the objective is, then, to help traditional news organizations find a way to survive. A very brand new initiative is the Nieman Journalism Lab unveils Encyclo, an encyclopedia of the future of news.
What is Encyclo? It’s an attempt to figure out who the most important players and innovators are in the evolution of journalism — and to provide a centralized source for background, context, and the latest news about them. As of this writing, Encyclo is 184 entries on online news sites, newspapers, magazines, broadcast networks, technology companies, and more. Encyclo has got big and small, everything from The New York Times and The Guardian to The Batavian and Alaska Dispatch.
If you are a regular Lab reader (or if you follow it on Twitter), you know that every day they are producing reporting, analysis, and commentary on how the world of journalism is changing. The mission is to learn about those changes, to identify what is working and what is not, and to do a small part in helping that evolution along.
Nieman Encyclo emphasizes new developments and the latest news, representing a resource that steps back a bit from the daily updates and focuses on background and context.

In Italiano:
Seguo l’Harvard Nieman Foundation da anni e la prestigiosa università americana raccoglie una serie di interessanti spunti sulla sociologia della comunicazione e sul giornalismo riguardanti tanti argomenti. E’ sempre possibile leggere le analisi più aggiornate sulle dinamiche della comunicazione di massa attraverso i quotidiani e le riviste, con qualche puntata nel campo radiotelevisivo e quindi del Web, come è normale che sia. In questi giorni l’Harvard Nieman Foundation ha dato luogo a un’iniziativa meritevole da tenere d’occhio nel futuro, ovvero l’Harvard Nieman Encyclo. L’Encyclo è un’opera di consultazione “in costruzione”, collaborativa, in crescita, il cui obiettivo è di raccogliere le notizie e dare loro un background, un contesto significativo e significante, e di riflettere sul futuro del giornalismo nell’epoca del Web.