The Influence of Multiple Intelligence Theory on Web-Based Learning

This post referes to a very interesting article by Mark Riha and Rebecca A. Robles-Piña, from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, appeared in the last issue (March 2009) of the electronic Merlot Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, USA.
It is time to analyze how distance learning and online education in general relate each other to the Multiple Intelligence theory. Hereby I am glad to present the Abstract of the interesting contribution. Moreover, it is useful to assess the extent of the psychological aspects affecting learning as a whole and the individual developments as well within a Web-based learning and not in presence.

AbstractDistance learning represents a growing educational opportunity for many students. Learning institutions have responded by increasing the number of distance learning programs. This article will review the relationship between multiple intelligences and online education. The review will provide an overview of MI theory and online education. It will then compare MI influence in a traditional and online setting focusing on group dynamics, education, curriculum, and the relationship between MI and online education. An understanding of how MI impacts these various categories can help instructors and students create a learning environment conducive to providing a rewarding educational outcome.



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